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Order your favorite Heineman wines online! Since 1888 Heineman Winery has been producing some of Ohio's finest wines. Minimum online purchase of 3 bottles is required. Taxes are included in each bottle price. We offer a discount of 10% when purchasing 12 or more bottles (due to new rules from the division of liquor control, 10% is the maximum discount allowed by law). This discount will be applied automatically when checking out.

Cedar Woods Red - $16.00

Produced from the hybrid grape Chambourcin, this medium-bodied dry red wine is soft on the finish and features flavors of plums and cranberries. This wine is named after a wooded area on Put-in-Bay owned by Heineman WInery, known as the Cedar Woods by Islanders. Red Cedar trees are harvested there and used as posts in our vineyards. This practice has gone on for over 150 years. In the 1800's, many of the trees harvested were used for fuel by Great Lakes steamships.

Sweetness - 5/100

About Heineman Winery

Makers of Fine Wines Since 1888

The Heineman Winery was founded in 1888 by Gustav Heineman, an immigrant from Baden, Germany, the grape growing region of that country. The Lake Erie Islands were already noted for quality grapes as a result of ideal soil conditions and the long growing season because of the tempering effect of Lake Erie.

By 1900, Heineman's was one of 17 wineries on Put-in-Bay. The passage of the Volstead Act creating the Prohibition of Alcohol in 1919 was catastrophic to the Island's grape and wine industry. Most of the wineries failed and the vineyards fell into disrepair. Heineman's survived under Gustav's son, Norman, by selling unfermented grape juice and providing taxi cab service to and tours of the Winery's caves.

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